Arthon The Evermore

The day begins as Arthon awakes from sleep.  The previous day’s ceremony has ceased, and he begins to don his travel gear and weapons as the Soothsayer words echo in his head. 

“The day has come for you to follow your path of destiny.  It was foretold that a warrior must venture forth to the plains of descent and confront that which will unlock the truth of the world and with that power you will be the true ruler of the kingdom.  The road will be tough, but you are not alone.  Through the perils and dangers, you will face you will witness what has become of this land and with that wisdom a clear path will be made. The temple awaits you."

Arthon is shown an image of the monolith drawn on an old parchment and a vague path through the land heading east.

As he crosses the threshold of his home his companions are there to greet him.  They mount their horses and head off. 

Next, we see some battles with various beasts of legend each claiming the life of his friends until is just him.  He travels by sea to the distant land and on foot continues to follow the map.  Weathered but not beaten his ascends a hilltop on the edge of the forest where he finally sees in the distance the temple from the drawing.  Fist clinches, determination swells.

I'm almost done Illustrating this one  I'll post soon.