Delilha’s Decipher

Delilha is typing on her computer, intently looking at the screen as she is figuring out certain formulas and equations.  Her life a cyber hacker happened by chance but her passion for solving riddles has always been her passion.  The apartment she lives in is small but functional cluttered yet oddly organized.  The TV is on in the background and televising on location at some sort of event. The black structure in the middle of a vast uncivilized piece of land is huge compared to its surroundings seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Delilha is too intent on her screen now to care about any new developments with the Monolilth. She’s manipulating strange symbols and typing algorithms that make the symbols move, change and reconnect in different ways.  Suddenly with a small squeal of joy She jumps out of her chair happy,surprised and ecstatic.  She’s done it! 

She texts roommate and partner in crime, who quickly replies, “What are we going to do about it?”

Later that evening with Jane’s thoughts and concerns still ringing in her ears, Delilha ponders

“We have got to get there?  But how? We have no money can barely afford rent.  We could take this to the BBN? No! they’ll steal our idea.  We need to keep this between us.  We can’t afford a flight?  Maybe we do that job for the Guild; the job no one wants.  The last one nearly ruined our lives!  It’s not worth the risk but we need the money!” 

So, with her gear and tech pack equipped she heads into the Guild Hall to speak with her contact.

One week later

Jane and Delilha are on a plane.  Delilha has some scuffs and scraps bandaged up but her excitement seems to over shadow her rugged appearance.  Delilah explains how she’s deciphered the code as a count down and thinks she can unlock more if she’s there.  They are going to video record their trip and use it to make more money.

The travel by bus so they can get as close as possible and head out off on foot, once around a bend in the road they see it in the distance, the black structure that appeared out of nowhere a year ago.  With laptop in hand and Jane recording they head toward the Monolith.

CyberPunk Style story.