Whaatcee and the Whooptee Doo

WhatCee awakes from a dream somewhat startled but nothing concerning.

WhatCee goes about his morning routine, watering his plant, drinking a warm drink at table, and feeding his pet.

WhatCee heads out through his small village to a bigger yet similar in design yet modest home.

In it we see WhatCee explain with gestures and excitement the shape he saw in his dream.  A Black Temple, very stark contrast to the idyllic village he lives in.

The Elder stares at WhatCee for a minute, shrugs and goes over to a chest.

He pulls out a Simple Shield and a necklace with a golden medallion.  He gives them to WhatCee and shows WhatCee that when held in a certain direction if glows bright.

He ushers WhatCee to the door and just before WhatCee heads out the Elder gives him a small potted plant that looks similar to the one WhatCee watered this morning.

WhatCee heads out with shield on one arm, and the potted plant in the other.

Next we see him dropping off his pet to a neighbor who is happy to help and waves WhatCee goodbye as he heads out of the village on a path to the west with his Medallion glowing lighting his way.

To be continued.

This perspective is inspired by simple old school video games and simple artistic styling.